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Welcome to BFMC12. Green & White Doing it right since 1946!

The Boozefighter Motorcycle Club (BFMC) was formed by a bunch of guys fresh out of World War II. "Wino" Willie Forkner (deceased 1997) is recognized to be the founder. They were at the infamous Hollister, California event of July 4, 1947 which has been immortalized by the movie "The Wild One," starring Marlon Brando. Lee Marvin played the part of "Wino."
The term "Boozefighter" does not mean we are against responsible use of alcohol. However, we do forbid the use of non-prescription drugs, or any form of illegal activity.
The Boozefighters have never been "one-percenters" or an Outlaw Club. We believe in respecting the rights of all motorcycle clubs in a peaceful, co-existent manner, and of all members of the community. We believe in freedom of choice and freedom of the road.

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