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 We started with $370.00 in a coffee can in Jer's basement. 

  Those words have never been forgotten and are spoken to remind us of just where we came from. They humble us. They remind us of all that it took on our behalves to become just who we are; we are Chapter 12. 
  A while back and a long time ago, men much like our founder, Wino Willie, sat around and pondered about starting a chapter in Northeast Ohio of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club. The idea was born from like minded men in Kipton, Ohio. It was there that men with adventure in their souls and love of freedom and a passion for riding motorcycles started what today we call home to us; Chapter 12. It was the birth and the beginning of something special. Something greater than all of us put together could ever imagine or ever be. It was a time and place in history that we of this Chapter feel so strongly about. Sure, we all have families, but to us who ride as one with the bottle on our backs, we are something more than family; we are and have become Brothers from other mothers. 
  We have come a long way since our inception so many years ago, but have never forgotten our roots or that $370.00. Today, we are stronger, we are united as Brothers with a common purpose. We enjoy the camaraderie of the Brotherhood. We take great pride in the fact that should any one of us fall, a hand shall be there to pick that person back up. Chapter 12 members posses a mutual trust and friendship amongst each other as we are a family. Blood you related, but loyalty makes you family. 
  If we are not on the road riding you may find us at our summer hangout simply known as the campground. We hold several summer time parties there and if you are reading this and have attended, we thank you for your patronage. If you haven't, get a hold of one of us, check on our party flyers for dates, grab your handlebars and get out and come party with us. You won't go away hungry and most you will have one helluva kick ass time! June, July and September are our dates for our parties. Continue to check back on this site for updates and party details. This past July, we celebrated our 20th anniversary for our July Blowout Party! Our mission for our winter party is to raise toys, food and other donations for the Elyria, Ohio chapter of the Salvation Army. This has become a yearly event for Chapter 12 and we take great pride in providing for families that may not be able to on their own. Don't ever say bikers don't have hearts. 
  We take immense pride in our club and our chapter knowing that the Boozefighters were at the famed July 4th motorcycle rally in Hollister, CA in 1947. This rally was the beginning for what we are termed as today; bikers. This club is rich in history and even richer with stories and tales of the road, the Brotherhood and of course an occasional beer or sip of Jack Daniels whiskey. We also know that no bar is too far. 
  We walk with who we ride with. We starve with who we eat with. We are Chapter 12 of the Boozefighters MC. Much love and respect to all our Brothers from other mothers worldwide. 


  Thank You for visiting our website. Thank You for coming out and partying with us and showing your support. Without you all, we would not be who we are. We thank you. 

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Elyria, OH 44036

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